Hey Rosetta!

(St. John's, NL) 

Described variously as indie rock, Brit-pop, orchestral-rock and neo-folk, Hey Rosetta! has been on the road pretty much since they began playing, and themes of wandering permeate their songs. This is no accident.

After travelling across North America, Tim Baker arrived home to Newfoundland in 2005 with a satchel full of stories, songs and melodies, and a bigger sound in his imagination than he could provide as a solo act. A roster of guitar, piano, bass, drums, violin and cello later, Hey Rosetta! were prepared to unleash their musical wanderlust on stage and in the studio. The band’s lush textures and cathartic melodies balance a delicate edge between a spacious, orchestral sound and introspective, intimate lyrics.

With each recording, the band has garnered consistent critical acclaim, and with each tour, they earn deeper love from their worldwide fanbase. The place where they truly come alive is onstage; their live shows are energized and sonically layered with the strings going head to head with the bass/guitar/drums. Some of the band’s more recent songs are about the power of the road trip; escape, rebirth through movement and the rare moments of empowerment you get while highwaying yourself from town to town.


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