Glenn Skuthorpe


Glenn Skuthorpe grew up in the village of Goodooga, leaving home for a life on the road when he was in his early teens. His musical journey started in childhood campfire jams with his family, the birthplace of an intimate sound and style that his music has never lost. If your musical journey takes you today to the crossroads of blues, country and folk, don't be surprised if you find Skuthorpe lounging at that intersection with guitar in hand, maybe strumming the ukelele, banjo or mandolin, or drawing plaintive, bittersweet melodies out of a harmonica. The Adelaide-based singer-songwriter has used all these instruments and more to carve out a reputation as an exemplary lyricist and composer with a distinctive sound.

Admired by peers and critics Skuthorpe's albums have garnered rave reviews and extensive airplay and won multiple awards within and beyond Australia. His latest album, The Great Beyonder, showcases him at the peak of his powers. He has become known for songs of struggle and celebration of his Aboriginal heritage, as well as an almost intimidating degree of versatility in sound and subject matter. But as he shifts effortlessly from flavourful roots-rock to lyric balladeering that unfolds against a backdrop of pure musical heartache, it's the immediacy, the personal directness of his music and his lyrics that remain at the core of his art.


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