Andy Shauf

(Regina, SK)

It has been said of prairies and oceans that they are perfect growing grounds for creative endeavour; their vastness and seeming emptiness are the blank canvases artists yearn for. That sense of endless space and possibility, and the darkness of long prairie winters are manifest in the music of young Canadian troubadour Andy Shauf. Delicate and raw, full of uncertainty and contemplation, Shauf's songs are evidence of a life lived in minor keys.

27-year-old Shauf has been actively writing, recording and performing for almost a decade, having released three independent EPs before he hit his twenties. He spent four years honing his album The Bearer of Bad News in his home studio in his parents' Regina basement. It's a testament to his skill, dedication, and attention to detail that this home recording garnered him the award for Producer of the Year at 2013's Western Canadian Music Awards. Shauf is known for creating intimate, intense spaces in which his live performances unfold. He draws audiences into his world of heartbreak and soul-searching with his clear, honest tenor and the aged strings of his guitar.


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