Little Miss Higgins & the Winnipeg Five

(Nokomis, SK)

When an artist is born in Brooks, Alberta and raised in Kansas, it’s easy to assume what the resulting sound evokes: the scent of a BBQ smoker, the swelter of a juke joint or whiskey shack, or the sweaty barn dance in a small town. In this case, those assumptions are accurate, but not complete. In a timeless voice that evokes lazy afternoons, dusky evenings and bawdy nights, songs that veer from dixieland to old country via classic musicals and vaudeville, Little Miss Higgins’ music is as much as a library of Americana as a travelogue. Able to take you from a New Orleans speakeasy to turn-of-the-century Paris to dustbowl Utah, while referencing subjects ranging from Louis Riel to dime-store panties, her music is sprawling in references both musical and lyrical. Having teamed up with a likeminded cadre of Saskatchewan musicians, her classic songwriting—at times raw, at times elegant and honed over her four previous albums—reaches new heights on her latest release Bison Ranch Recording Sessions. Instantly familiar, instantly endearing and utterly timeless.


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