Arto Lindsay

(New York, NY)

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Arto Lindsay grew up and came of age in Brazil as the Tropicalia movement was tearing down the boundaries between Brazilian popular culture and the avant-garde. While his early musical experiments in New York no-wave outfit DNA were about as far removed from Gilberto Gil's samba fusions as you can get—Lester Bangs described their sound as “horrible noise,” and the less musically adventurous may find that generous—it was a spiritual successor, equally interested in smashing together ideas just to see what happened.

In the 36 years since DNA confounded crowds at CBGBs, Lindsay has made those connections more explicit. He's still able to loose some stunning shrieks from his guitar, but his abrasive influences have been balanced by an appreciation for beauty. First with the Ambitious Lovers and later under his own name, Lindsay has embraced the bossa nova and beyond, crafting tunes as lovely as his early works were noisy. He certainly hasn't settled down; as an installation artist, a composer, a producer and an early embracer of the remix, he’s remained as vital as ever. He’s just learned the same lesson as the Brazilian artists of his youth—that noise and melody, experimentation and accessibility, are not mutually exclusive.


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