Matt Patershuk

(LaGrace, AB)

Matt Patershuk often finds himself accompanied by the backing band the Dirty Plaid Orchestra, but while he’s no stranger to lumberjack plaid, his delicate outlaw country tunes are anything but dirty. Matt’s emotive songs of the common man carry with them a wholesome, nostalgic vision of rural Alberta and beyond. His life experience—as small-town Alberta “desk jockey” for a bridge construction company and former forester—gave him ample fodder for his debut album Outside the Lights of Town, produced in Vancouver by Steve Dawson. On it, he crafts archetypal characters of classic country and western songs and adapts them for a Northern Canadian landscape. They are well-imagined tales—an aging small-town hero, an oilfield widow, a barroom brawl over love gone astray, the toll of living in a one-industry town and a farmer with his own take on the divine. With effortless guitar playing and a subtle twang Matt carries with him a charm and vigor that sets him apart. Solo, or intermingled with gentle blues or steel guitar, Matt is a presence that is hard to ignore.


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