Chad VanGaalen

Previously Performed in: 2014, 2009, 2005
(Calgary, AB)

The creative dynamo that is Chad VanGaalen never ceases to amaze or confound. Musician, animator, visual artist and the embodiment of DIY, VanGaalen has established himself as an internationally recognized innovator. Hovering in the ether of soundscapes and pop hooks, his songs can veer from haunting delicacy to spastic art-rock expressions. Unafraid to experiment, a Chad VanGaalen show is both eccentric and embraceable, dealing with both the minutiae and overarching tropes of life equally. All the while, Chad’s sense of fun permeates all he does – whether it be the improv hardcore band he has with his kids, or producing a sci-fi film complete with a book outlining the 150+ characters. The unpredictability of where he directs his remarkable creative attention next only makes him that much more exciting.


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