Mo Kenney

(Waverley, NS)

Imagine being a teenage songwriter whose analogue lullabies are so haunting that a respected musician and producer seeks you out years after hearing but a handful of your analogue lullabies. While it may sound like something out of a musical fairy tale, it’s Waverly, N.S. resident Mo Kenney’s reality. A 17- year-old Kenney played some songs for Plaskett in the course of a high school music event. On her twentieth birthday she received a call from Plaskett’s manager inviting her to participate in a song writing camp hosted by Gordie Sampson. Shortly afterwards, Kenney found herself in Plaskett’s studio where the two shared instruments and voices to create Kenney’s debut album.

Attempting to describe Kenney’s song writing style is like trying to shovel rain. Perhaps the reason she avoids the easy singer/songwriter cubbyhole is due to the fact that she cut her first musical teeth on Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd before branching out into folk and pop. Whatever the cause, Kenney’s melodies teeter between carefree and careworn her lyrics are direct, graceful and gutsy with a circumspection that belies her relative youth.


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