Wakefield Brewster

With a background in traditional music theory and education at York University’s music program, it was only a matter of time before Wakefield Brewster’s artistic muse pushed him beyond the confines of academia into the land of poetry, ‘brokun werd’ and hip-hop that he now thrives within.

He’s written poetry for the past 16 years and performed it live for eight, produced two CDs (east2west and da lyrical pitbull) and won numerous accolades and international slams. He’s left hundreds of stages blistered, bruised and inspired….until November 2013, when he was sidelined from performing and confined to his couch, subject to surgeries, painkillers and rehab in order to learn how to speak again after a little sleepwalking incident that involved stairs, his face and teeth.

His words and live shows are brain, spine and funny bone-tingling. Ideas flow with clever turns of phrase, snippets of politics, social commentary and romance. He catches inspiration for his lyrical pitbull verse everywhere he goes, as a sponge who sucks in the world around him and spits it out to curious ears and minds with humour and biting insight.


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