Colin Stetson

(Montreal, QC)

It's unlikely that an experimental saxophonist could become a household name, but Colin Stetson's talents have hardly gone unsung. Tom Waits, David Byrne and Bon Iver are a small part of the long list of musical luminaries whose recordings and live shows have benefitted from Stetson's singular instrumental abilities. But solo is where his strengths truly shine. Watching Stetson perform is like watching an athlete in his prime. And not in a metaphorical sense. While the saxophonist's unearthly, hypnotic compositions stand on their own, bringing them to life is as physically taxing as any marathon. Stetson's weapon of choice is the bass saxophone, an intimidating bulk of brass that likely outweighs your average indie musician, and he has entirely bent it to his will. The musical onslaught is relentless—his mastery of circular breathing means he never has to pause for a breath. Without any effects pedals or enhancements, he accompanies himself, singing through the saxophone's reed while providing a propulsive pulse through the instrument's keys. PH 

Colin Stetson "Who The Waves Are Roaring For" from Constellation Records on Vimeo.

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