Aqua Alta

(Halifax, NS)

Burning blue skies, diamond-sparkled water, endless drifting days under the never-ending Canadian sun; welcome to the synth-pop summer dream of Aqua Alta. Aqua Alta’s fizzy dreamscapes are the collaborative work of Canadian producer Graeme Campbell (Buck 65, Jerry Granelli), Superfriendz alum Charles Austin and Juno-nominated singer and songwriter Jenn Grant. That list of credits, however, can’t prepare you for the glistening lollipop-coloured jewel of Aqua Alta’s subliminally gorgeous vibe. Driving beats push fuzzed-out synth-pop melodies, topped light as a kiss with Grant’s sultry, shimmering vocals and lyrics. “I had the longest dream,” Grant croons sweetly, and it’s true. Cosy and comforting as a warm blanket on a rainy Sunday afternoon, or tempting you to laze on a catamaran atop the deep blue, Aqua Alta is a luscious musical dream. SS

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