The Bills

(Victoria, BC)

Originally formed in 1996 as The Bill Hilly Band, The Bills began in Victoria as the quintessential kitchen band in which the galley faced all corners of the globe. The group’s songs are often stories touched by the sea, sail and serenity. While their west coast origins root them firmly in Canada, their songs offer a Celtic twist with occasional classical detours; detours accented by a stringed instrument that acts as fiddle or a violin, depending on the moment. A Bills’ song might start out a cappella then lure piano, mandolin, accordion, upright bass and guitar into its lair. While you are captured in the precise harmonies, you might not even notice each instrument arriving, but you will recognize songs that are earthy without being aw shucks-y and musicians that attain virtuoso status without showboating. This old time string swing creates an open air feeling, offering space for dancing, dreaming or reminiscing. Bet on The Bills to create a folkfest memory so strong you can pin it in your scrapbook. MLW 

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