Mariel Buckley

Previously Performed in: 2017, 2015
(Calgary, AB)

Performing Saturday, February 11 at Alexandra Dance Hall 2:30 - 5 pm - get tickets now!
Performing Saturday, February 11 at the Lantern Church 7 - 11 pm - get tickets now!
"Motorhome, you used to drive it when you lived alone But now those memories sink you like a stone…"

Although born and raised in southwest Calgary, Mariel captures the innocence and simplicity of a small town or rural environment. Combining urban roots-infused songwriting with her love of the Canadian landscape, she observes the disproportions between work and pay, love and heartbreak and past to present. The result is a dark perception of her hometown and its inner workings. There is a distinct and introspective quality to this young songwriter’s music; a wisdom and maturity that allows fully- formed, succinct and compelling tales to emerge. Her album Motorhome is the collage of dark moments passing in and out of the concrete jungle she calls home. It’s full of visceral lyricism and gutsy musicianship with understated power and appeal. KC 

The Northern Sessions - Mariel Buckley - Driving In The Dark from Daelan Wood on Vimeo.

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