The Budos Band

(New York, NY)

If you're going to pull off a highly orchestrated bank heist in broad daylight, Staten Island's Budos Band is the only suitable contemporary soundtrack to your caper. A brooding sense of danger lurks beneath the slinky guitar lines and the brassy horns, undermining the confident swagger of the music's Afro-funk backbone.
Since releasing their eponymous 2005 debut album, they’ve become one of soul revival label Daptone Records's signature artists. Budos Band has played all over the world, picking up new influences on each circuit. This groove-heavy nine-piece funkestra seamlessly melds influences as diverse as Afrobeat, American soul, North African jazz, Ennio Morricone and ‘60s bubblegum psychedelia. Continuing to tweak their ever-evolving aesthetic by overdosing on Black Sabbath and Deep Purple DVDs in the back of their tour bus, they've thickened their instrumental stew with a trippy new atmospheric heaviness.
Seeming to fill even the biggest stages with arms, legs, saxes, trumpets, guitars and a huge arsenal of percussion instruments, the juggernaut that is Budos live is a result of a decade plus of collaborations, camaraderie and punch-ups. Musical outlaws of legendary stature, the mavericks of the Daptone roster deftly evade playing by any rules but their own. LS/FF

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