Sera Cahoone

(Seattle, WA)

When she was young, Sera Cahoone's dynamite-salesman father took her around Colorado to mining conventions and introduced her to the country music of the region, specifically banjo-dominated storytelling, enriched by a fiddle's lament or the wail of a lap steel. Those travels gave Cahoone an ear for the music, but she spent her teens and 20s drumming for indie rock and blues acts, first in the Denver area, later in Seattle. In her 30s, Cahoone began returning to the sounds of those Colorado foothills. She stepped out from behind the drum kit to sing songs like those twangy hurtin' tunes she grew up with, crooning about loved ones slipping away. Her self-released debut won her quick notice and acclaim in Seattle, and she signed with that little local record label you may have heard of, Sub Pop. Cahoone’s rise has been slow and thoughtful since then, recording only two albums in the last eight years. On her most recent, Deer Creek Canyon—named after the place she grew up—Cahoone trades in the raw emotion of her earlier efforts for more nuanced lyrics about vulnerability and yearning for home, but that sad instrumental wail is still there. So is that voice, which lightly brushes the back of your shoulders and neck, raising goosebumps, even as it brings you warmth. JM 

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