Kim Churchill


Kim Churchill got his first guitar at four years old and his method of playing suits someone who has never known life without an instrument. For Churchill, the guitar isn't just something to be strummed. He picks and drums and hammers along the fretboard, bending it to his melodic and rhythmic will, which he makes look as effortless as breathing.
Not that he's afraid to work up a sweat. Armed with an acoustic guitar, a harmonica and a stomp box, Churchill can whip a crowd into a frenzy with a searing blues riff just as easily as he can set them swooning with a fingerpicked progression. Add in his soaring, sandpaper vocals and surf-idol looks, and it’s easy to see how this unassuming Aussie has found a global following. Canada seems particularly intent on adopting Churchill as one of our own—he's signed to Montreal's Indica Records and Toronto's Fontana North, recorded in Vancouver, and made a home on our festival circuit. It hasn't happened yet, and a Canadian winter is probably a hard sell over a South Australian beach, but you can't blame a nation for trying. PH

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