Adam Cohen

( Montreal, QC )

Adam Cohen is, yes, the singer-songwriter son of that Cohen—heir to one of the most iconic legacies not just in Canadian music, but arguably in music all across the globe. With the gift of an upbringing mentored by a master came also the inevitable pressures, judgements and comparisons from the wider world, and a long search for his own singular voice. It's a voice that he has found, and spectacularly so, on his latest effort We Go Home, whose songs as the title implies emerged from a re-grounding of the artist in the simplicity of home life and in compositions, lyrics, themes and sound built out directly from that simplicity. The result is a collection of heart-achingly direct, moving and beautiful songs. The lyrics of the unforgettable title track say it all: “Let your heart be unchained / Let you skin be unstained / Let your road be unnamed / Let your voice be unstrained.” Soak up Cohen's heartfelt vocals and home-brewed instrumentals, and let all these things be so. IS

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