The Wooden Sky

(Toronto, ON)

The Wooden Sky is the indie rock band you always hoped you’d be in. Started while lead singer Gavin Gardiner was attending Ryerson and writing songs as part of a school project (they called themselves Friday Morning’s Regret back then, and don’t we all remember those Fridays), The Wooden Sky has been slowly but surely gathering devotees here and abroad. Their lush, guitar-driven, hooky pop and sweet melodies (often augmented by cello, viola and violin) are the addictive stuff of a would-be indie rock star’s dream.

TWS’s debut album When Lost at Sea was released in 2007. Their latest, Let’s Be Ready, definitely displays a band that has found its way. Ironically, this new album was conceived amidst many changes for the band—saying goodbye to both a founding member and their long time record label, and going out on a limb to found their own artist-driven label Chelsea Records. Whether they’re crooning a ‘70s-throwback roots rocker or laying down some straight-ahead galloping drums and shimmery guitar, the music cuts like a knife in terms of sheer emotion and catchiness.


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