The Stray Birds

(Lancaster, PA)

This trio brings to life narratively haunting songs rich in the best qualities of classic folk-country. Their self-titled debut earned them critical acclaim as a band destined for global success; their follow-up, Best Medicine, fulfills that promise. Written and honed onstage while the band travelled and performed, its songs are a pilgrimage to everywhere and nowhere, each bar redolent with the sweet melancholy of the open road.
The Stray Birds are one of the few bands that can pull off recording live in the studio around a microphone rather than recording in isolation; whether in the studio or on a huge festival stage, they feed off each other's energy as intimately as though they were in a good friend's kitchen after midnight. Simply arranged with guitar, fiddle, and banjo, their songs are performed with a quiet intensity that'll stop you in your tracks. The gorgeous three-part harmonies of these talented multi-instrumentalists paint a landscape rich with hope and possibility and echoing with farewells, remembrances, dreams and regrets.

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