Esperanza Spalding presents Emily’s D+Evolution

(Portland, OR)

Esperanza Spalding makes living up to a name that means “hope” look and sound deceptively easy. A Grammy-winning lyricist, composer, bassist and singer, she's known for putting a virtuoso's command of the diverse range and flexible improvisational spirit of jazz to work at broadening the horizons of contemporary popular music, reminding listeners of musical possibilities often forgotten in an age dominated by rigid pop formalism on the internet and the airwaves.
Sporting the voice of a multilingual siren and some truly intimidating instrumental chops, she left high school early to pursue a musical education and embarked on a recording and performing career in 2008. Recognition as an important musical voice has been growing since her inaugural album through the release of her latest Radio Musical Society. Spalding brings hope and sunshine into the hearts of audiences everywhere she goes with her smooth, soulful and flawlessly-executed sound.
Emily's D+Evolution is Spalding’s latest project, using the persona of her middle name as her inner navigator. Rekindling a childhood interest in theatre, poetry and movement, this new project delves into a broader concept of performance. Conceived during a "sleepless night of full moon inspiration", Emily's D+Evolution will be performing all new material that "unfolds as live musical vignettes.”
“This project is about going back and reclaiming un-cultivated curiosity, using it as a compass to move forward and expand." says Spalding. "My hope for this group is to create a world around each song, as there are a lot of juicy themes and stories in the music. We will be staging the songs as we play them, using characters and movement.” IS

Esperanza Spalding - We Are America from ESP Media on Vimeo.

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