Ever need to hightail it out of town, fast? Blast some SÖNDÖRGO through your car stereo, and without so much as tapping the gas pedal your Subaru will hit cruising speed of 185 km/h. Fun fact: this music might also be the secret route to personal bests for Hungarian marathoners.

Don’t expect the brassy sound common to Balkan fare, or the fiddle-heavy music popular in Hungarian folk either; they favour the music of their Serbian family roots. For 20 years, SÖNDÖRGO (pronounced Shun-dur-go) has been all guitars and upright bass and blistering action on the tambura, a long-necked sort of mandolin. Virtuosic, if virtuosity can evade radar guns. Expect some clarinet, flute and accordion when quintet members need to give their magnificent callouses a rest.

Responsible for this blur of strings and hands are the three Eredics brothers, an Eredics cousin and a Buzás (no relation). British world music magazine Songlines named SÖNDÖRGO’s Tamburocket: Hungarian Fireworks to its 2014 best-of list. SÖNDÖRGO tempts you to hit the highway in a squeal of burning rubber, or to just get up and dance, dammit.


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