Scarlett Jane

(Toronto, ON)

Andrea Ramolo and Cindy Doire—collectively rootsy folk/pop duo Scarlett Jane—met more than 10 years ago in Toronto, and recognized each other as kindred spirits immediately, with a shared fondness for prose and poetry as well as a mutual love for blues, country, old-school soul and rock ‘n’ roll.
By the time they decided to start collaborating, Ramolo had already released two solo albums while Doire had three – two in French, giving her a following in both french Canada and France. Together, they became a spine-tingling musical experience on another level, distilling slivers of pop, country, folk, roots and something in the mournful spaces in-between. Their 2012 debut Stranger earned Scarlett Jane two Canadian Folk Music Award nominations. Their latest release, Scarlett Jane, goes even deeper (and higher and lighter and darker), presenting a collection of breathtakingly personal songs bolstered by an understated instrumental framework designed to showcase Ramolo and Doire’s buttery, mellifluous voices.
If Scarlett Jane’s tightly knitted harmonies don’t flatten you, their lyrical candour—the musical equivalent of a slightly tipsy girlfriend laying it on the line—definitely will. Inveterate road warriors, Ramolo and Doire embody the sweet melancholy of the always-leaving, and it seeps through their music like honey through a sieve.


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