Pharis and Jason Romero

(Horsefly, B.C. )

Pharis and Jason Romero’s music reflects their deep love for early country, old time, folk, blues and bluegrass. Before they met, they had been performing as solo artists and in various bands for decades, but when they got together about five years ago, they formed the perfect musical marriage (and the other kind too); sublime vocal harmonies backed up by Pharis’s rhythm guitar and Jason’s guitar and banjo picking.

The Romeros breathe new life into old songs and write new songs that sound like they’re as old as the hills near Horsefly, the town in rural B.C. they call home. Since they released their first duo recording in 2010 they have won several folk and Americana music awards in Canada and stateside, and have also become a mainstay on radio programs such as NPR’s Prairie Home Companion in the U.S. and the Vinyl Café on CBC. This is your grandma and grandpa’s folk music, and your mom and dad’s and cousins’ and uncles’ and everybody else in the family.


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