(Winnipeg, MB)

A drum roll, please, for the Calgary debut of the rising star Marie-Josée “marijosée” Clément: percussionist extraordinaire, funky chanteuse and one-woman wellspring of Francophone pride.
The small town of Aubigny, south of Winnipeg, seemed a safe and remote place for the Franco-Manitoban Clément family to raise their brood but young Marie-Josée was destined for a creative place in the wider world. Her father's involvement in the church choir became a springboard for her ability to channel the subtleties and essences of expressing music in French and English. She sings and plays with insouciance and brio, moving easily from jazz and classical to pop and country.
Following a stint in the all-female percussion group Insisto, marijosée headed off on her solo path with her 2011 EP Rebondir which melds bouncing beats with her breathy, earthy and captivating vocals. Her love of jazz shows clearly in her sophomore effort, Pas tout cuit dans l’bec, a warm, seductive vocal showcase, backed with standup bass lines and fizzy, infectious percussion.
Marijosée still drums on every available surface, still gives shout-outs to the hugely supportive Manitoba Francophone community and unabashedly walks her own musical path.

Marijosee "Comme la Route" from tyler funk on Vimeo.

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