John Mann

(Vancouver, BC)

Eccentric, passionate and fearless, John Mann has been moving audiences with his band Spirit of the West for over 30 years and he’s continuing to prove that nothing can quash his fervour for live performance. Classic tunes like “Home for a Rest” and “Political” have made Mann a Canadian alt-folk music icon, but even without his iconic band behind him, he’s a forceful and unforgettable performer. Mann’s most recent solo album, The Waiting Room, is an examination of the musician’s recent experiences with cancer and early-onset dementia, delivering the devastating and uplifting tale of a man confronted by his own sense of mortality.
With the same Celtic-tinged sensibility that has always propelled Mann’s songwriting, his ferocity as a musician and honesty as an artist is unfaltering. The Waiting Room showcases Mann as a masterful storyteller, which comes as no surprise to his longtime fans, or anyone who has seen Mann acting on stage or TV. Whether he’s singing party anthems or starkly personal songs about writing his own will, he gives it his all. Both a lover and a fighter, Mann faces what life throws him head on and his audiences are privileged to hear him sing about it. 


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