(Edmonton, AB)

It may sound unlikely that an artist from Edmonton—known more for snow than soul—could deliver a mariachi melody and then spin off a Northern Soul-infused song back to back. With a honey-soaked voice, Lucette invokes the golden eras of folk and country music and the dark side of the desert.
Her songwriting belies her twenty-something age, with original and moody introspective tales of life that’s unforgiving. Invoking imaginary cinematic scenes, her voice is immediately impressive, and draws you in to the dark world she sings about, from a duel in a dusty main street to a tender scene between lovers. She paints landscapes: starlit skies above a vast, cold desert; a deep river snaking lazily through the Deep South, a dark thunderstorm rolling over an infinite prairie. Each song leaves you wanting more.
Lucette embraces the grandeur that can be found in simplicity, while exploring the depths of emotion that can be discovered within deftly arranged songs, tender vocals and thoughtful songwriting. Oh, and it’s worth a mention that the single “Bobby Reid” from her debut album Black is the Colour was completed in one take and she’s joined by Sturgill Simpson and J.D. Wilkes on it.


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