Laura Leif

(Calgary, AB)

Laura Leif writes and sings adorable, whimsical and sometimes gritty songs, accompanying herself on ukulele, guitar and drums. Her songwriting swells and ebbs with a disarming subtlety, gently reminding you of memories both real and imagined.
Leif is also a frequent collaborator in fun and sloppy rock bands, and with improvisers and free jazzers. She makes animations and bad movie reenactments, weird costumes, writes poems, draws funny and serious things and is also the co-founder of Dog Choir, a little label that occasionally puts out cassettes. Her music is imbued with flashes of visual art and theatre, all presented under an esoteric—and at times ethereal—veneer. She mines disconnection and loss in all its beauty and tragedy, wrapping it in a gentle musical embrace. DM

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