The Crooked Brothers

( Winnipeg, MB )

Crooked, crusty, and maybe a little bit crazy, roots-rockers The Crooked Brothers twist and re-knot the traditions of folk, country and bluegrass in their own marvellously tortile way. Close your eyes and you might be listening to hard-luck Mississippi sharecroppers as easily as a trio of suburban Winnipeg boys. On stage and in the studio, this bearded, barefooted and be-flannelled trio of multi-instrumentalists regularly swap mandolins, guitars, banjos and whatever else is to hand, like an old-time variety show. With his honey-coated gravel baritone, Matt Foster takes most of the lead vocals while Darwin Baker and Jesse Matas braid up vocal harmonies as they explore interpersonal relationships, the weird injustices in the world, and all the joys and dangers of being human in these times. In keeping with their melding of rural and urban sounds, their most recent album was recorded alternately in a warehouse and a hand-built log cabin. Whether hamboning out a vocals-and-harmonica blues, crooning an intimate love song, or railroading through a post-Swordfishtrombones junkyard stomper, the Crooked Brothers inhabit the corner of roots music old and new. LS/FF

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