The Jerry Cans

(Iqaluit, NU)

The story goes that a southern Canadian musician moved to the magical Canadian north and fell in love with an Inuit woman, whose parents allowed them to wed, but only after he learned Inuktitut. The resulting marriage of people and cultures has created an unusual-but-authentic band and sound dubbed the Jerry Cans.
Imagine an Irish boat of sailors boat arriving in Nunavut, hanging out with an Inuit throat singer and listening to pop radio, for a mix of uplifting pub barn burners and a celebration of Northern culture. While celebrating the traditions of the North, the band is always up for a jig. Multigenerational audiences are impelled to their feet with the uptempo sing along songs, regardless of whether the language is understood. Dancing is not a question, nor is raising a pint (ID required). The Jerry Cans bring musical gasoline, as their name implies. Get ready for a multicultural fire and bring your moccasins, or your Irish shawl, and get ready for a party.

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