Dragon Fli Empire

Previously Performed in: 2015, 2009
(Calgary, AB) 

Calgary’s most beloved homegrown hip hop duo formed in 2002 with Tarik Robinson, aka Teekay, and Adam Hicks, aka DJ Cosm. From the beginning, they embodied the Canadian hip hop vibe by connecting skilled beats and rhymes with a certain sweetness and hometown homage. DFE veer wide of gangsta adoration and instead offer authentic social commentary based on the experience of being hip hop artists from Calgary.
That ineffable mix of heavy beats and light hearts, thoughtful politics, smooth soul riffs, sly wit and a continued allegiance to their hometown are the cornerstones of DFE 13 years on. Name- checking Mount Pleasant and Ranchlands, or representing with a track appropriately titled “Just That Nice,” the Dragon Fli Empire is the new face of the nice Canadian guy, 21st Century-style. The DFE, that’s right, they’re just that nice. SS

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