Quique Escamilla

(Toronto, ON) 

Charismatic singer-guitarist Quique Escamilla is a born performer with a seemingly unerring sense of what's right in every situation, a fan-base that ranges from indie kids to recent immigrants, and recent award nominations and wins.
Escamilla's Chiapas childhood infused him with a sense of social justice and inspired him with the varied musical traditions of Mexico. At 6 years old, he got his start in public performance by asking to perform the song “El Rey” with a local mariachi band in a restaurant. Like any child of the modern world, though, he also absorbed the sounds of recorded music, and his raucous, groove-laden sound draws from pan-Latin styles, ska and reggae, jazz and pop, all infused with the energy of rock. Since his move to Canada in 2007, he's become a CBC darling and played a plethora of festivals. Audiences respond rapturously—with feet and voices—to his passionate, joyous delivery. Whether the social and political messages of his Spanish lyrics are understood or not, his soulful commitment is, proving that Escamilla’s audience aren’t “world music” fans; they’re music fans of the world. LS/FF

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