Elizabeth Cook

(Nashville, TN) 

Outlaw country doesn’t always come in the form of a grizzled old cowboy in dusty boots with a six shooter on his hip — a true outlaw can just as easily be a bubbly blonde in a pretty party dress. Elizabeth Cook falls into the latter category: the Americana singer-songwriter and host of Apron Strings on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country channel has a sunny demeanour and the sugary voice of a honkytonk angel, but a close listen to any of Cook’s lyrics reveal that she is a legitimate country and western badass.
Cook is the daughter of a hillbilly singer and a moonshiner who played country bass in a jailhouse band and that C&W pedigree, worthy of women with names like Loretta or Dolly, shines through with both her country grit and her intimate honesty. To keep things rollicking, Cook and her band weave in elements of bluegrass, rock, and blues, all held together with her love of the Opry and classic Nashville songwriting. Cook’s combination of saucy twang, country sweetness, humour and heart is both charming and challenging, making her an irresistible performer. Put that package together and you don’t just have an outlaw — you’ve got someone who challenges the very meaning of renegade country.

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