Lemon Bucket Orkestra

(Toronto, ON) 

The Lemon Buckets describe themselves as the only balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-super-band in Canada. Their festival sets will make you think what a shame it is that there aren't dozens more of those scattered throughout the country, if only as high-energy fuel cells powerful enough to light most small towns. This 16-piece power plant began as a clutch of buskers in Toronto in 2010. Soon, the crowds of frenetic dancers began gathering around their fiddle- and brass-driven performances at street parties and parades. The band's logo (painted in the mouth of their sousaphone) has become a Bat Signal for where the Serbo-Hungarian-Romanian party's at, and the band melds its tireless energy with political verve. When revolution and Russian interference hit Ukraine in 2014, band members flew to provide sonic solidarity, recording Moorka, its third album, with tunes they learned while touring Macedonia, Romania and elsewhere in the region. True to its busking roots, this orchestra revels in its portability; a few years ago the band turned a delayed Air Canada flight into an impromptu concert venue. It might be naive to assume you'll only find them on actual stages this weekend.

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