The Cave Singers

(Seattle, WA)

If maturity is about making do with less, then Seattle's Cave Singers have truly come of age. Where the band members' previous projects exuded enough garage-rock bombast to justify names like Pretty Girls Make Graves and The Murder City Devils, The Cave Singers earn their urgency through humbler means. Instead of the smog of industrial Seattle, the Singers' soaring indie-folk breathes the crisp, clear air of the Pacific Northwest, with its shaggy, moss-covered melodies and wildfire stomp-alongs — and Pete Quirk's unmistakable rasp is the spark that sets the underbrush ablaze.
Their stripped-down sound isn't the only sign of the Singers' taste for self-sufficiency. After releasing records with Matador and Jagjaguwar — two of the indie music world's more venerable institutions — the band decided to take their fate into their own hands. For 2016's Banshee, they turned directly to their fans for funding, using a successful Indiegogo campaign to make a record in keeping with their own ebbs and flows. Unlike its namesake, the self-released Banshee rarely wails. The Singers aren't really ones for waking the dead anymore. These days, they're more about the sound of living — and it's a sound that suits them.

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