Project Logic

(The Bronx, NY)

Jason Kibler, aka DJ Logic, is an open-eared, fearless innovator and frequent collaborator who, together with his compadres in Project Logic, creates a rich, multi-layered, cross-genre tapestry. Using the turntable as his instrument of choice, DJ Logic blends acid/nu jazz, electronica and jam sounds with hip-hop beats to create a slick, esoteric groove. The result is a Miles Davis-influenced, late-night-chill, cant-sit-still, funk-infused rhythm. DJ Logic grew up in the Bronx, where an early interest in hip-hop plus funk and soul jazz lead to turntable experiments at parties. Over the last 20 years, he's mastered a sound that draws heavily on experimental jazz of the early 60s fused with 70s funk, scratches, Afro-dub, tribal drums and Caribbean percussion.
Since his emergence in the early '90s amidst the Bronx hip-hop scene, he's amassed a mountain of collaborations. Whether the scratch artist instructs tablas to flirt with drum 'n' bass (on his Nina Simone and Billy Holiday remixes) or meshes free styling MCs with Afro-Cuban rhythms, he expertly and passionately enhances everything he touches. He and Vernon Reid are the Yohimbe Brothers; he's a founding member of the John Popper Project; an oft-band member of Medeski, Martin & Wood; and has worked with Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars, Charlie Hunter, Jack Johnson, Matisyahu, John Mayer and many others. Each partnership deepens and extends his sound, allowing it to explore the boundaries of other cultural instrumentation and rhythms. These sunburnt synths are pensive yet bold, as at home in the long sun of summer as they are in the early hours of an all-night jam session.

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