The Weber Brothers

(Toronto, ON)

Any history of Canadian roots music will inevitably reference rockabilly rocker Ronnie Hawkins and the back-up bands he hired since moving from Arkansas to Toronto in the '60s. Blues rockers Crowbar and of course The Band leap to mind. So when a pair of teenaged brothers from Baltimore sent a demo to Hawkins, and he sent them back a note to “come down any time,” Ryan and Sam Weber packed up and crossed the 49th. The Hawk hired them and they lived the dream, sharing the stage with legends like Levon Helm, Kris Kristofferson and Jeff Healey.
As members of the Hawks, the two had spent time in rock'n'roll university but they got restless. Ryan (on bass) and Sam (on guitar) eventually left the nest and, along with four musical friends, formed the Weber Brothers and hit the road. That was 15 years ago. All this time, they’ve been crisscrossing the continent performing their unique blend of country-tinged, roots-rockabilly-influenced rock in bars, colleges and concert halls, occasionally making an indie record, and  picking up a loyal following as the “baddest band in the land” (their words).  The Webers say they‘ve had a lot of dreams come true and they’ve had a lot of dreams trampled, and in the end, “it’s not about the fame; it’s simply about making music.”


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