Bry Webb

Since he first hit the scene with his punk rock band The Constantines in the late ‘90s, Canadian indie rock fans have been besotted with the compelling voice of Bry Webb. Despite 2014’s Constantines’ reunion (after a four year hiatus), over the last decade Webb has focused on spreading his solo wings, allowing himself more room to explore the quieter side of his musical personality. There’s a gentle intensity to Webb's writing, and more importantly, his singing: the tense muscular quality of his voice has spurred many comparisons, but as Webb has grown as an artist he has developed a singular sound. His career has taken him all over the country, and the diversity of the Canadian landscape and the connections that he’s found along the way are all reflected in the songs. The solo sound may be sparser than what Webb does with the Constantines, but it’s just as rich and Webb’s songs serve as a record of an artist who is not afraid to examine his own personal and artistic maturation.

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