The Weather Station

(Toronto, ON)

Like the weather rolling in over the Rockies, The Weather Station weaves songs that are delicate and unpredictable, fragile and beautiful, with the hint of an edge. The musical creation of singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman, The Weather Station melds banjo, guitar and sounds coaxed from a computer. She sings charming vignettes about relationships, not just romance but interesting and complex human experiences that are like conversations among friends intoned through her compelling, gentle voice. 
Lindeman started her creative life in her teens as an actor. In her early 20s, she migrated towards music because “acting is trying be someone else and I really wanted to be myself.” Lindeman chose her nom de guerre after writing a tongue-in-cheek MySpace bio claiming her home was “an abandoned weather station in the Arctic.”  Most recently, TWS has transformed into a true collaboration with Afie Jurvanen (a.k.a. Bahamas) and engineer Robbie Lackritz on her latest recording Loyalty. Produced in an abandoned mansion outside Paris, France it garnered high praise from the critics and a place on the Polaris Prize 2015 long list.  Listen carefully. The Weather Station’s music — minimalist, intimate and gentle — will feed your soul like a cool breeze on a hot day.

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