(Montréal, QC) 

How many genres can one band perform simultaneously before the whole concept begins to fall apart at the seams? Ayrad tests the limits of genre at every juncture, maneuvering through Arabic and French, and swapping between various classical, world, and rock instruments. The sensory overload that is Ayrad is a world music mélange with its feet in jazz, blues, reggae and every other technically challenging genre, bursting with untapped melodies. At Ayrad’s heart is band leader Hamza Abouabdelmajid, whose aim was to produce a contemporary take on traditional Moroccan music (and man, is it Mor-rockin’!).
Having immigrated to Québec from Morocco in 2005, Abouabdelmajid quickly attracted various other diasporic musicians and together they have constructed something magnificently expansive. Warm funky bass lines make way for slippery strings, which groove into a percussive flamenco guitar. There is even a blues guitar lead or two, although those looking for self-indulgent guitar solos may have to look elsewhere. Like the rest of the eclectic instrumentation, the guitar work is respectfully in its place, one player in a theatre of sound. Ayrad features a little something for everyone, and a whole lot for everyone. Dance-ability, texture, and intrigue -- Ayrad gives you a lot to think and flail about.

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