Adia Victoria

Not performing in 2017
(Nashville, TN)

In 2015 Rolling Stone listed Adia Victoria as one of the 10 new musical artists you should be listening to. Victoria marries her haunting, bourbon-tinged voice with songs of the gothic deep South. Themes of longing and anger, isolation and defiance, and secularism among the deeply religious are the stories of her life as a woman of colour making her voice heard in the country-rock soundscape of South Carolina and Tennessee.
When Victoria was 10 years old, she transferred out of a strict Seventh Day Adventist school into public school in South Carolina, a shock to the system that gave her a feeling of otherness that continued to resonate and influence her perspective and art. That alienation manifests itself in Victoria’s voice — gritty, raw, vulnerable and tough as hell. Supporting and lifting her sometimes-scornful stories of being an outsider in the South is a swampy, rock-edged, country-blues guitar that drives her songs, dipping and whirling, slowing down and charging full steam ahead. Much like the artist herself.

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