Vox Sambou

(Montréal, QC) 

Vox Sambou embodies multitudes: he is by turns contemporary and slick; joyful, traditional and passionate; socially aware and politically astute. All of this he offers as a hip-hop artist, MC, and “the eternal voice of Haiti.” The Montréal-based performer is Canadian by choice, Haitian by culture, and a citizen of the globe by influence and celebration.
Born Robints Paul, Sambou honed his skills and political sensibility as a teenager in the turbulent years following the coup that dethroned Jean Bertrand Aristide. His family eventually fled their troubled homeland, landing in Winnipeg during the brutal winter of 1995. After university, Sambou migrated to Montréal, where he became a founding member of the collective Nomadic Massive (Folkfest 2013 performers). In Creole, French and English, he uses his commanding baritone to rap about the injustices in his native country and illuminate the struggles of the African diaspora. Afrobeat, reggae, jazz, traditional Haitian and Latin influences all come together in Sambou’s music, schooling fans of conscious hip-hop with Haitian history as he collaborates with artists from Mali, Brazil, the Caribbean and right back to Canada.

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