Marty Stuart

(Nashville, USA )

Marty Stuart is a walking, talking mandolin-picking encyclopedia of country music, with all the influences that come with it including folk, blues, gospel, R&B and rockabilly. Born in 1958 in Philadelphia, Mississippi, he received his first guitar soon after he learned to walk. He turned pro at 12, eventually becoming Lester Flatt’s mandolin player and then joining Johnny Cash as guitar player. After paying his dues with the best in the business, he launched a solo career that wove its way through a variety of roots and Americana styles, including collaborations with Emmylou Harris, B.B. King and Travis Tritt. His many solo recordings landed him an armful of Grammys and a membership at the Opry.
By mid-career, Stuart – famous not only for his music but his signature bejewelled Nudie suit and pompadour – had become used to playing arena-sized shows, but on the advice of Johnny Cash, he decided to return to his musical roots. He launched an indie label to celebrate traditional music (bluegrass, Delta gospel and Native American ballads). His latest record, backed by his band The Fabulous Superlatives, sums up his passion for country music in a two disc set— Saturday Night, all honking and tonking, and Sunday Morning, atoning for his sins gospel style. “I think traditional country music should be regarded alongside jazz and ballet and classical music in the pantheon of the arts,” says Stuart. “As a band, that's our mission.”

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