Ben Spencer - Songs for Terrible Children

(Edmonton, AB)

Prairie-born songwriter, poet, performer and producer Ben Spencer stumbled into becoming a children’s entertainer.  Recently moving back home after 10 years in Montréal with a French wife and two toddlers in tow, he just released his fourth, but first, children’s album Songs for Terrible Children. It began with one song - Better Tasting Friends, written for his niece; a jaunty fable about a little girl whose animal friends get eaten by predators one by one because they taste better than she does. The obvious moral of the story is to stay safe, surround yourself with better tasting friends. From there, the concept grew into a satire album for kids. The music itself is elegantly simple, smart, fun and often super silly. There’s a sad folky song about a kid who would rather tear down his tree fort than share it and another, featuring wheezy accordion and merry melody, that explores the roots of racism. Billed as a sort of “Stephen Colbert for kids,” the tales are intended to encourage critical thinking and open up opportunities for reflection and discussion around current issues such as bullying, body image, social diversity, and the environment. Though crafted with a mid-elementary age group in mind, the universal silliness of Songs for Terrible Children may resonate with young and old.

Saturday and Sunday, July 23/24
noon - 12:40 pm
2:00 - 2:40 pm
4:00 - 4:40 pm


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