The Sadies

(Toronto, ON)

Dallas and Travis Good developed their deep fondness and reverence for country, bluegrass and blues naturally as the nephews and sons of the iconic Good Brothers, giving them a rock solid base to launch a career some 22 years and 14 albums ago. Drummer Mike Belitsky and bassist Sean Dean help the brothers weave an intense tapestry built on a jigsaw puzzle of influences that fit together perfectly into sonic snapshots worthy of the cool, moody brilliance of an Alex Colville painting. Like a surfing cowboy wearing a Nehru jacket, they’re versatile, flexible and adventurous, creating an evolving catalogue of work and constantly collecting converts. Blistering instrumentals, country rave-ups, super-human guitar interplay and mind-blowing psychedelic expeditions that can end up anywhere create a live show that exemplifies why they have few peers. Considered a band’s band, their fans and collaborators range from expat British punk rocker Jon Langford, L.A. troubadours X’s John Doe, old timey R&B master Andre Williams, alt-country star Neko Case and indie-rocker Jon Spencer to Canadians Neil Young and Buffy Sainte-Marie, who provided mouth-bow and haunting vocals on their most recent album.


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