Colleen Rennison

(Vancouver, BC)

Not all beginnings are humble. Colleen Rennison found her start as an actress before she exploded onto the scene with blues-rock outfit No Sinner. Sharp guitar and driving drums propelled Rennison’s massive, unwavering voice from obscurity onto festival stages quick-smart. Anchored only by a microphone cord, Rennison rampaged through club after club, popping and swaying every muscle in her body. The tight blues band held itself together with Rennison’s commanding voice as an adhesive (even the name ‘No Sinner’ comes from the name ‘Rennison’ spelled backwards*). Performing solo, her music is not entirely dissimilar from No Sinner, although turned down some. The arrangements are muted, and the acoustic instrumentation inflects some country styling behind her strong physical presence. Her voice is still powerful, but with a soulful sweetness revealing itself from within the lower tempo tracks. The songs are clean and pretty, with influences in all the right places; her debut release even references a cut from Neil Young’s "On The Beach" in its title. Colleen Rennison proves her range as a songwriter and showcases introspection that No Sinner fans didn’t even know they needed.
*That's called a semordnilap, which is palindrome spelled backwards. Seriously. Look it up.

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