The Pines

(Minneapolis, MN)

Comprised of Iowa natives David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey (son of Bo Ramsay), indie-roots duo The Pines actually began their musical partnership in Arizona, where they both lived in a Mexican barrio and first began playing together. They went on to weave a signature dark Americana sound, hip and haunting and drenched in the influence of traditional spirituals, folk and blues. Their critically-acclaimed music has won them a devoted cult following, and they've staked out an undisputed place as one of the acts to watch on the indie roots-rock scene.
Despite their current location in Minnesota, the flat, endless expanses of the band's native Iowa are the settings of, characters in, and muse behind the songs on their latest, Above The Prairie. The music is crafted with a filmmaker's keen eye for detail and framing, blending raw atmospherics with rich vocals and acoustic instruments, transporting the listener into a series of vividly painted musical and lyrical snapshots. The sparse and haunting sound – serene and contemplative and earthy – will stay with you long after the last note is done hanging in the air.

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