Palenke Soultribe


The seeds of Palenke Soultribe were sewn in 2001 in Bogota, Colombia, when Andres “Popa” Erazo and Juan Diego Broda first started blurring the lines between Caribbean and electronic music as Polaina Dinamita. Despite building buzz in Bogota, the project was put on the backburner while the two worked on personal projects. It wasn't until they reunited in Los Angeles in 2006 that PST really took form. This time around, they treated the project as a collective, embracing contributions from a myriad of musicians who shared their love of globalist grooves and uninhibited anthems.
Some musicians act like historians, preserving their culture's traditional sounds for the sake of posterity. That's not how Palenke Soultribe operates. In their free-ranging, frenetic tunes, nothing is sacred, nothing is static, and musical rules are made to be broken. Picture a pair of mischievous demigods gleefully smashing continents into a musical Pangaea and letting their fans supply the shaking, and you won't be too far off. Call it Afro-Colombian, electronic fusion or pan-global pop — just remember that none of those titles matter on the dance floor.

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