Les Noces Gitanes


Comprised of six musicians and Vancouver-born dancer Deborah Dawson (credited with playing tacones, or high heels), Les Noces Gitanes (The Wedding Gypsies) can’t seem to turn down a flirtation with any musical genre whose path they cross, from India to the Maghreb, flamenco to Afro-Cuban, reggae to hip-hop. Brothers Alejandro and Aurelien Ugarte Mendia formed the group in 2005, inspired by tzigane (Hungarian Roma) music, but informed by the broad diversity of the cultures of the musicians they surrounded themselves with as they burned up the stages of their home country.
Riding the success of their debut album Des Balkans à l'Andalousie (From the Balkans to Andalusia), they set out on the road, touring Europe and picking up more influences along the way. World music with a Balkan backbone and a healthy dose of rock guitar and drums in the mix; Les Noces Gitanes are never predictable, and their spicy cultural sound-mashups are food for the world-wanderer's soul.

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