Emilie & Ogden

(Montréal, QC) 

In the pantheon of musical moments in history, great collaborations hold a special place. When artists collide it can send ruptures (or shivers) through the scene, and that’s exactly what happened when Emilie & Ogden took Montréal by storm only a short few years ago. Emilie Kahn, a young songwriter with a powerful fringe and a keen vocal sense, is at the front. Kahn’s slick and enunciative vocals wind around her carefully worded lyrics. Her performances enrapture listeners as she sits, delicately plucking at Ogden with his spine between her legs. That’s right: regardless of the handsome and talented Montréal gents in her band, the individual with whom she shares an ampersand is none other than her harp, lovingly named Ogden. As you reach deeper into her music it becomes clear that theirs truly is a relationship. Her performance is delicate and loving, with Ogden responding in kind with wispy melodies in well-organized rhythms. Kahn’s vocals propel the songs forward, but Ogden sets the tone both literally and figuratively. The two are joined onstage by a rhythm section that wraps them both elegantly while taking little focus away. Emilie & Ogden have a presence that transcends what anyone could expect from a collaboration between a woman and an inanimate object, conjuring hauntingly beautiful songs in misty sonic vistas.

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