Carter Felker

(Calgary, AB)

Calgary born Carter Felker traffics in music, yes, but even more profoundly in essence: the humdrum essence of Monday morning alarms clocks coming round again during lifetimes ticking on through thoughtless dawn moments walking across the kitchen floor; the craven essence of sneaking wordlessly away from a relationship and feeling the mute screen door sag shut behind you; the essence of everyday struggles. Growing up, Felker moved around the province and started writing songs at 16. Eventually he followed romance back to Calgary. He has spoken of watching people scratch out a living in the unforgiving landscape of Grand Prairie, comparing it to the process of songwriting, which he finds agonizing and drawn out, literally scraping songs out of the terrain of his thoughts. These souvenirs of his process are filled with stories of good women who rightfully don't trust their men, grocery store clerks searching for meaning, friends who drink themselves into the grave, and time as an essence that walks with you every moment like a friend but kills you in the end. These are songs about people on life's highway looking for Exit 0, all crafted with some of the gentlest melodies to ever cuddle up to a bad dream.

Son of a Bitch - Carter Felker from The Calgary Collection on Vimeo.

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